Gustaf Wilhelm Palm

View of Ariccia (1841) ©LACMA


Knut Ljøgodt and Christopher Riopelle in the exhibition Peder Balke at the National Gallery, London, in 2015.

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Christen Købke

Portrait of Frederik Sødring, 1832 (Detail) Hirschsprung Collection

Nordic Institute of Art is an organisation founded with the mission to stimulate research and promotion of historical and modern art from the Nordic countries in an international context.

The institute aims further at fostering interest and expertise in other key areas of art history, such as European 19th century and overseas art, as well as to explore and map lesser known aspects of art history, and create international connections for the domestic art scene.

Nordic Institute of Art is an independent, non-profit organisation, founded by Dr. Knut Ljøgodt. It is overseen in strategic and academic matters by an Advisory Board, whose members are leading, international art historians. The Institute is organised as a network of Associated Fellows, including Scandinavian and international scholars, curators and other art experts, and collaborates with museums and other institutions, as well as with foundations, collectors and publishers.

Through its unique expertise and network, the Institute organises exhibitions, seminars, lectures and other events. Central to the institute´s remit is also to produce monographs, catalogues raisonnés and other academic publications. The program focuses on art from ca. 1800 and up to the post-war period.

Nordic Institute of Art does not engage in the art market, but provides advice to public and private art institutions, offers services such as cataloguing and research of collections and individual art works, as well as advise on strategies for institutions and for private and public collections.

Our vision is to place Nordic art within the canon of World art history.

Ole Jørgen Ness

Why Art history is more important/interesting than Art theory

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To spread knowledge of Nordic art to the world

•To stimulate research on Nordic art history

•To publish monographs and catalogues raisonnés on Nordic historical artists

•To organise international exhibitions and events on Nordic art

•To bring international historical and modern art to Scandinavia